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Belts (for adult competition)

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All Velcro Tag Rugby Belts with larger size tags (ribbons) that are ideal for the adult version of the game. Very robust and machine washable.


·        Larger size tags suitable for the adult version of the game (370mm x 80mm) that are soft on the hands but do not crease or crinkle, even after long periods of storage.

·        Wider belt (50mm) allows for easier replacement of the tag after a ‘tackle’.

·        Softer fabric for greater comfort.

·        tag logo attached at the end of the belt makes taking on and off the belt very easy. Especially useful if playing under floodlights.


·        One size fits all (for the oversize player just simply velcro  two belts together!)

·        The all Velcro belt makes attachment of a tag after a ‘tackle’ that much quicker and easier.

·        Available in two colours: yellow and red.

A Tag Rugby Belt has two coloured tags attached to it by Velcro. The belt is placed around the waist with the tags positioned on either side of the hips. In order to make a 'tackle' a defender must pull off one of the tags from the ball carriers belt and shout 'tag'.



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